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Agedness Stage Products introduction

Agedness Stage which is fashion umbrella structure outdoor fitness equipment is launched a new classical products by Hebei Dachang Hui Autonomous County Xiadian Jiamei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.. This design breaks through traditional outdoor fitness equipment and its special characteristics is the umbrella structure which adopt the LC, environmental, corrosion resistance Aluminum Plastic Composite Structure and changes the traditional only using steel tube. The pure white umbrella structure which on the equipment top makes a breakthrough on the corrosion resistance and appearance.

The main post is assembled of extruded aluminum,WPC plate and rectangular steel pipe,it has obtained the national patent of utility model. The umbrella structure adopt advanced tensile membrane technology, it combines with equipment skillfully and let the rain-proof and sun-proof function of outdoor fitness equipment come true. This structure belongs to pioneer in outdoor fitness equipment industry and has obtained the national patent.

The core of Agedness Stage accords with the aged characteristic to design. The whole equipment is with a shape of Chinese arden pavilion to cooperate 4 items 6 functional the aged special fitness equipment. There is sound system on the stage, then the aged could chose light or dancing music etc. And also some rest chairs on the stage. The aged can exercise, relaxation, recreation. The top umbrella adopts advanced tensile membrane technology. Umbrella, equipment and surrounding are coordinating, it makes beauty. The music powder is supplied by solar energy.

update: 2016-7-8
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